As a private club leader, you’ve likely noticed a variety of shifts occurring in the industry 今天. 生活方式在变化,会员使用俱乐部的方式也在变化. We touch on this topic often because the ability for private clubs to adapt and evolve with their members is imperative to their survival.

Cities lead by a wonderful example when they evolve; they constantly grow and enhance their offerings while still speaking to the unique culture of their respective neighborhoods—so it only makes sense that city clubs do the same.  多年来, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most prestigious city clubs in North America, 通过我们的战略规划, 设施规划, 设计方面的努力, we’ve discovered that city clubs often lead the way for how their golf and country club counterparts should respond to shifts in what members have come to expect from their “home away from home”.

Here, we delve into 10 city club trends that will impress even your most forward-looking member.


1. 特色厨房

的 kitchen is often coined the heart of the home – so why not make it the heart of your club? 把厨房作为整个活动的焦点, 酒窖, or whiskey tunnel creates drama and intertwines an otherwise uncharted territory into your aesthetic. 而不是把它藏在门后, bringing the kitchen “in view” invites members to get closer to their meal and beverage options. 这个概念创造了兴奋,使会员更接近厨师, 最终给这顿饭配上“脸”.


2. 将休闲和正式用餐相结合

的 feature kitchen complements our next point; blending casual and formal dining. 这些餐饮场所可以——也应该——共存. 在这个概念中, the layout of dining tables and seating arrangements creates a separation between the two distinct areas within the space without a physical barrier. 融入高档柜台服务, 策划成分, and optional tasting menus enhance your casual dining space and allow for a smooth transition into the formal area. 下图是我们最近在 宇宙俱乐部 boasts a more casual walk-in-only bar and communal dining experience 在 front with a more formal and intimate dining area toward the back. 的 multi-functionality of the space creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that seamlessly transitions from day to night.


3. 概念菜单选择

一个高质量但平易近人的氛围不应该停留在座位安排上. Be sure to also offer menus with healthier food options and dining alternatives that speak to your new and improved dining facility. 另外, 家庭制作苏打水, fresh juices and other alcohol-免费的 drinks (often with health claims) add a nice touch—while 在 same time increasing your check average. Some clubs are even incorporating ingredients that are grown on the Club premises and/or sourced locally—like the rooftop bee colony at 迪凯纳俱乐部—which is a trend we’ve seen sweep across cities in recent years. 而不是去一个街区外新开的从农场到餐桌的餐厅, 邀请您的会员享受这种类型的优惠,从他们心爱的俱乐部.


4. 集成技术

现在,技术比以往任何时候都更能简化 F&B部门,从而提高流程效率,提升会员整体体验. ipad等技术, 自助水龙头, and app-enabled delivery provide a new level of convenience and help improve member interactions. 另外, 追踪顾客的偏好可以让你的扶轮社更了解会员的习惯, 提供必要的资料以推动扶轮社的运作进入下一个阶段. Stay ahead of the curve and consider integrating some of these technologies into your offerings for a smoother and enhanced operation.


5. 的 备餐间的概念

今天的会员都很忙,生活在一个 时间控制的社会这意味着他们经常在俱乐部提供的服务中寻找便利. Grab-n-go Turn-style facilities and serveries bolster convenience for your members by promoting faster meal options at breakfast and lunch. Rather than the traditional 60- to 90-minute formal meals that clubs have offered in the past, 会员可以在30-45分钟内享用一顿快餐.  Your club will see increased utilization be providing your members the option to swing by midday and return to the office before their hour lunch break is up. 我们很享受设计的乐趣 约会酒吧 在 芝加哥联盟俱乐部 (pictured below) and their increased utilization helps to speak to the success of this amenity.


6. 非正式互动的机会

在过去的几年里, 全球范围内,该行业已经开始转向不那么正式的俱乐部氛围. 特别是在城市俱乐部, we find that members are no longer joining solely to conduct business meetings —they’re coming to spend time with fellow members who have turned into dear friends. 通过整合更多的休闲用餐空间, 也有更多的机会进行非正式的随意互动——比如相声酒吧, 公共表, and lounge areas with soft seating—you encourage that “home away from home” atmosphere that members desire. 这些成功的、非正式的互动有很多选择. Implement the one that aligns best with the culture of your club and watch relationships flourish.


7. 高-末端行政商务酒廊

虽然经常还有事情要处理, 成员们不像过去那样采取同样的方法. 而不是仅仅利用俱乐部来吃商务午餐, members are also looking for a dedicated quiet space to make private calls or “plug-in” to check Emails. Modifying cell phone policies and integrating high-end executive business lounges with small communal spaces, 咖啡和茶站, and individual computer carrels will create a thoughtful “work from home” atmosphere for members within the club. 我们最近在 迪凯纳俱乐部 包括这个设施,一直非常受会员欢迎. 如下所示, 设计甚至采用了低调的镜面电视,以免影响整体氛围.


8. 把户外活动带进来

无论你在这个国家的哪个地方,会员们都想享受户外活动. 而城市俱乐部的墙外没有连绵起伏的绿草, 他们经常能看到令人叹为观止的城市景观. So why not capture these views with floor-to-ceiling windows—or take this a step further and provide an area for members to actually step outside? 通过创建一个屋顶酒吧,将室内设施与大自然融为一体, 露天的庭院, 花园露台, 或者人行道上的咖啡馆,不分昼夜地吸引各个年龄段的人.


9. 实现 全天的房间

全天房间将各种用途和成员的兴趣融合到一个空间中. 它们给原本没什么用处的房间注入了新的活力. 激活那些很少使用的大厅和客厅,赋予它们双重用途. 高端的浓缩咖啡吧会使你的大厅锦上添花, 为会员提供工作前喝咖啡的场所. 或者创建一个小酒吧,鼓励晚上的鸡尾酒时间. 当你在, incorporate versatile furniture as well to promote the casual interactions we discussed earlier. 浪费的空间实际上就是浪费的空间,所以在如何更好地利用它方面要有创意. Those extra few feet are on your side—use them appropriately to provide your members with a one-of-a-kind experience they can’t find anywhere else.


10. 增强 街的存在

从历史上看, 城市俱乐部一直是隐私的飞地, but 今天’s city club should embrace the street level and become a visible member of the community. 你的俱乐部是你的会员生活的主要部分,也应该是为你的城市服务. A welcoming façade with windows to the energy and excitement inside will catch the eye of a passerby—and they could very well turn into a future member. Proudly display your club’s stunning architecture rather than hiding it behind shrubbery and turn your hidden gem into an acclaimed one.

在一个提供无限便利的城市里, 拥抱变化是至关重要的, 进化并挑战极限. 为你的会员提供一个即使是最有经验的都市人也会羡慕的氛围, 在未来的几年里,他们还会继续回来.


希望在你的扶轮社中加入这些元素? 澳门新新浦京我 有什么需要帮忙的,请告诉我!